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The Partnership

The Umngeni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership was formed in 2013. It represents corporate social responsibility and ecological interest entities in the greater uMngeni catchment. Its role is one of collaboration, strategy development and research.


The new entity and its roles

The new entity presently under formation will be a non-profit company which is to be the strategic project co-ordination arm. Its role will be to channel funding to the best impact projects in the catchment.


Current status

The entity formation is being preceded by the drafting of a Memo of Incorporation which defines roles, authority and powers of the entity, particularly in respect of adjudicating which entities get awarded projects in a way that is not influenced by its shareholders.


Current work

The Department of Science and Innovation funded Enviro Champ program in KZN, and its future permutations and phases are the current focus of those acting as custodians of Amanzi Ethu Nobuntu

About Amanzi Ethu Nobuntu


Amanzi Ethu Nobuntu came about in 2021, first as the flagship project of the UEIP, and in due course as a legal entity that operates as the strategic project co-ordination arm of the partnership.

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In the first quarter of 2021, The Department of Science and Innovation took a leap of faith, and partnered with us to run a 3 month employment stimulus project. This project saw several UEIP partners enroll teams and contribute private co-funding to make possible the employment of 300 unemployed youths across the uMngeni catchment for the betterment of the environment.

The project was the first of its kind. Pooled private and public funds were used to train, equip and deploy youngsters across the catchment to undertake work as varied as removing solid waste, to reporting sewer leaks and clearing alien vegetation. All work, together with a suite of regularly performed river-health tests, were reported daily using a fit for purpose smartphone app…

Formation status

P4G international commissioned a study to determine the correct form and modus operandi for the implementing the strategic project co-ordination arm of the uMngeni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership (UEIP) in 2021. This work has identified an entity and funded the formation of the legal body and its various founding documents which are currently work in progress.

Ecological Infrastructure and The UEIP

Ecological Infrastructure approach was spearheaded by SANBI who were instrumental in the formation of the UEIP.

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Amanzi Ethu Nobuntu custodians, and UEIP Chairpersons:

Mrs Faye Brownell : Faye@DUCT.org.za

Mlu Ntuli: mluntuli@libertynpo.co.za